Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Items For My Classroom!

If you've read my blog before I'm sure you already know this, but I love to make things out of nothing.  I don't want to be one of those teachers who gets all upset when something gets broken or torn in the classroom.  Okay, the one BIG exception to this is books.  In my opinion no one should ever tear up a book!  Okay sorry, I got off subject.  Anyway, where was I . . . . oh yes, making things!  One of my dear, dear friends gave me this lovely photo album at the beginning of the school year.
 Not too bad, but it really didn't fit into our classroom.  Thank goodness I am a hoarder when it comes to scrapbook paper.  I don't think I've ever thrown away a scrap piece of paper especially the pretty scrapbook stuff!  Look at our photo album now!
Much, much more classroom friendly and it even has a vinyl cover!  But look inside for the best part!

Each page has either a color, shape or number.  I took it to school on Monday morning and everyone wanted a turn.  My favorite moment was when I saw one of my little boys, who has loudly announced many times that "I don't like books!", looking at it.  He told me he thought I had put the wrong number of dots on the number 10 page.  He counted and counted and final declared "Mrs. Karen is right, there are 10 dots!"  Everyone loves it, even those that don't like books!

My second surprise for this week was a "Game Mat".  I made it from Zip-Lock baggies and packing tape.
I simply put the different shapes/colors into the baggies, closed them shut then used the packing tape to connect them all together.  The object of the game is to "whack" the shape or color with a fly-swatter.

Now, as expected, I heard a lot of complaining the first time around about what color or shape everyone wanted to "whack".  I made coordinating cards with the shapes and numbers and I let each child pick one out of a box.  "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET!"  No more complaining!  Besides, this is FUN!

I wasn't really sure about this next item.  I found some tracing activities at Color Castle and printed a few off.  I enlarge them to fit a 14 x 17 piece of paper then laminated them.  My original thought was to have the children trace them with the new dry erase crayons, but that just seemed so YUCKY.  I already had so many tracing sheets.  Then it dawned on me - STICKERS!  I have millions of tiny stickers.  They were the perfect size!
Don't worry about getting them off.  It is so easy!  I just wipe over them with a Clorox cloth and the practically slide off.  I made several different types of sheets and the class loves them.

The last new game actually cost $1.00!  I know, I broke my own rule and spent $1.00, but it was SO worth it!  I went to our local Dollar Store (LOVE THAT PLACE!) and bought a colander.  Add some pipe cleaners and you have an instant fine motor skills game!
At first I didn't like that it had a handle on it but in the end I discovered that the children were holding it by the handle and only using one hand to lace the pipe cleaners through the holes.  NICE!

Hmmm . . . . we are out of school tomorrow for Columbus Day, I wonder what else I can make???????  Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will come back again!

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  1. Love the ideas...working this weekend on using some of them with my kinders.