Thursday, August 6, 2015


This is all because of 2 lovely ladies I met in the Dollar Store yesterday!

Ok world, I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself!  Yes, we still have cancer at the Harrington household.  My son is doing amazingly well.  He is in remission and back at work.  He still is on tons of medicines and comes to UAB (the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital) once a month for treatment.  Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer in March.  But once again, because of God's amazing mercy and my men's unbelievable toughness, we are getting through it.  BUT . . . . something amazing happened to me yesterday!  I was at every teacher's "happy place", my local Dollar Store, and I ran into 2 of the most wonderful ladies.  They too are preschool teachers, and were looking for fun things for their classrooms.  You should have seen their faces, they were glowing!!! They teach at Bessemer City, not too far from here.  Why in the world am I talking about this???  Well you see, they were happy!  School starts for them today and they were so excited.  It stirred up something in me that cancer had "tried" to take away.  Guess what cancer????  YOU JUST GOT BEAT!  Yep, those two lovely ladies stirred up my creative juices.  I walked around the Dollar Store like . . . well, like a use too.  I looked at everything.  And, yes, I even bought a few things (wink, wink).  So to the two amazing ladies from yesterday . . . THANK YOU!  I have a whole new look on things.  I'm not sure how often I will be posting, but I have a lot of new ideas and I cannot wait to get started.  Talk to you soon!!!!

P.S.  If you wrote and asked for copies of my "Quiet Spray" label or anything else, I apologize for not sending it.  I haven't even looked at my blog until this morning.  But, I'm sending everything out TODAY!!!!  Happy dance, happy dance!