Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasures for My Classroom

It is official!  I've started moving all my wonderful "treasures" back into my classroom.  My husband can almost see the floor in our downstair's den.  It took me two days to unload and find room for all of my "treasures" at school, but I've done it!  Want to see what I have?  Let's sort it out . . .

First, there is my fabulous assortment of paint chips!
Aren't they wonderful!  We are going to use them in several games, cutting and sorting activities.  We will have so much fun with them.

I also got a little carried away with collecting bottle caps.
We will be sorting and learning with these as well.  I have an amazing reading game planned.  You will want to check back soon and see this!

Of course there are the obvious "treasures", such as cardboard tubes
 and cardboard boxes.  Please notice the Wii game box (my birthday present!).
But now, let me show you some of my greatest "treasures" . . . 
Plastic fishing worms!  Perfect for "W" week!
Feathers!!!  I even have a hawk feather!  Perfect for our study of not only birds but during "Q" week we can actually write with a QUILL!

But, I've saved the best until last . . . 
I found this in a field at our lake house!  I think it was used during a 4th of July celebration  to shot off rockets.  BUT LOOK AT IT!  It is a ROUND CYLINDER and it has a SQUARE base!  Can't you just see us dipping the square base in paint and smashing it onto some paper????  Oh, I'm getting chills!

I guess I better finish printing off some more notes to my parents, especially the one that says "WE GET MESSY!"  I hope you stop by again in a couple of days.  I hope to have pictures of my classroom up.  We start school on September 1st!!  YIPPPPEEEEE!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Year

I'm heading to school today!  I've been thinking, talking and typing about this all summer and the day is finally here!  It is just the beginning of our teacher workdays, but still you would think that I would be excited.  Not really.  And it isn't just because I will be sitting all day in a classroom listing to a CPR/First Aid trainer for the 10th time.  No, it is because one of my son's fellow police officers in Anniston, Alabama was shot while on duty yesterday. ( Anniston Star )  Even as I re-read the last sentence, it is almost impossible for me to believe.  (As I type he is still on life-support.)  How can this be?  How can one human being care so little about another that they shoot them?  I somehow try and justify a shooting in my mind when there is some sort of (sick) reason; a robbery, a fight, etc.  But to shoot a police officer who was just doing his job.  REALLY?  My mind cannot and will not come to terms with this tragedy.  So today, instead of being my usual happy, excited and bouncing off the wall self, I will say yet another prayer for Justin Sollohob, his family, friends and fellow officers and head out the door.  TELL and SHOW the people you love and care how you feel, you never know.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pinterest Link Party!

Love Pinterest? Have a teacher blog or love reading teacher blogs? Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Michelle's Math in the Middle Blog to link up and see all the other great teacher blogs who have linked up!  Oh, and be sure to check out my favorite School Pins at

The ABC's for a Successful School year

I finally get to get back in my classroom next week so I have been running all over the house this morning trying to get all my ducks in a roll.  I noticed that my sweet hubby and dogs were very quiet, they have fallen asleep.  So not wanting to wake them I begin searching the internet for school ideas (REALLY?  I NEED MORE IDEAS???  I don't think my brain is big enough to hold many more!)  Well, I found this lovely little poem from a new blog favorite of mine  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

The ABC's of a Successful Year For Parents
Ask your child about the school day.

Begin your child's day with a nourishing breakfast.

Congratulate your child for doing well.

Discuss homework with your child.

Encourage your child to read.

Find a quiet place for your child to study.

Give your child responsibility.

Hug your child to build self worth.

nclude your child in making simple family decisions.

Join a library with your child.

Keep your child on a schedule that includes exercise and sleep.

Limit TV viewing/video game playing by selecting programs with your child.

Make the time you spend with your child special.
Notice and discuss changes in your child's behavior.

Offer to help your child organize school papers.

Provide your child with good role models.

Question the activities your child shares with friends.

Respect your child's right to have opinions different from yours.

Share an interest or a hobby with your child.

Take time to listen to your child.

Urge your child to get involved with school and extra curricular activities.

Visit places of interest with your child.

Work with your child to set up rules of behavior.

Xerox and save records or articles that benefit your child.

Yield results by encouraging your child to do better.

Zoom through these ABC's again and again!

-- author unknown --

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Teacher's Prayer

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs  Teaching with TLC today and I just had to share it.

Teacher’s Prayer

I want to teach my children how
To live this life on earth,
To face its struggles and its strife
And to improve their worth.
Not just the lesson in a book
Or how the rivers flow,
But how to choose the proper path
Wherever they may go.
To understand eternal truth
And know right from wrong,
And gather all the beauty of
A flower and a song.
For if I help the world to grow
In wisdom and in grace,
Then I shall feel that I have won
And I have filled my place.
And so I ask Your guidance, God,
That I may do my part,
For character and confidence
And happiness of heart.
 ~James J. Metcalf

That pretty much sums up my feelings.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like School!

I am pretty sure I am more excited than ever for school to start.  I have been working over the last two months collecting items, doing research, working on new lesson plans and making new things for my classroom.  I'M READY FOR SCHOOL.  But, we have a few more weeks.  Sigh . . . what is a girl to do?  Well, in my case HAVE A MEETING!  We had a pre-preschool meeting today!  OH YES WE DID!  I got together with three of my fellow three-year old teachers today and started discussing new ideas.  It was so fun!  We will have two new teachers in our group this year so my buddy, Mrs. Christi and I met with them to answer a few of their questions.  It was just plain great!  I had way tooooooooo many new ideas to share and I tried (really I did!) to be calm and listen to their questions.  I hope I eased their fears a little.  To be honest, all the meeting did was FIRE ME UP and get me all excited about the coming year.  I'm not real sure August 25th can get here soon enough.  But, until then . . . I've got more stuff to get ready!!!! :)