Saturday, October 15, 2011

"F" Week

I'm going to try and make a change in my blog posting.  I'm thinking making more post, hopefully everyday, but making them shorter.  Hmmm . . . . let's give this a try and do a little catching up!

Let's talk about the letter "F"!  Of course Fall is a great time to talk about the letter "F" and with a room full of boys we loved talking about Football!  I think there must have been at least a dozen Football games on the playground during ''F" week.  We also talked about things that were Fun.  So naturally everyone agreed Football and Fun were our Favorite "F" words!  One of the most fun art projects we did was our
We had so much fun painting with a Fork!
We also did a little sandpaper rubbing to make our frogs come to life!
You put it all together and add a four flies and what do you get!
Well, sometimes we get a little carried away when we make our fingerprints.  No problem . . .


We also headed to the kitchen to do a fabulous science experiment.  We did the preschool version of "Will it Float?".  Everyone was told to look around our room and pick any object they wanted (okay, I did have to say paper products were OFF limits!).  Blocks of course were the #1 choice but I finally got them to try and pick different things.  First, we made our observations.  "Will the object float?"  Then we plopped them in our large bucket of water


Of course my camera battery died before we could finish, but you get the idea.

We also had a wonderful time cooking in the kitchen too.  We made our "Fabulous Fall Friendship Fruit Salad".  Would you like the recipe???  It is very simple, invite all your friends to bring in their favorite fruit.  Cut it up, mix it all together and enjoy!  YUMMY!

We also did another fun science experiment with a fan.  It was fun throwing balloons into the fans to see how far they would fly.  The grand finale was when we threw a box of feathers into the fan!  OH MY!  Messy but fun!

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