Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Fun!

Our "F" week and "Fall" activities fell all during the same week.  This made everything extra Fun!  No fall activities would be complete without an adorable scarecrow and ours was the cutest ever!

Some old lunch sacks and left over scrapbook paper made for a very fun fall art project.

Of course, we had to make a pumpkin!  We did ours a little different this year.  We painted it with condensed milk and food coloring.
WOW!  The texture was amazing!  We added a couple of hand print leaves and a palm print stem and the results were fantastic!
One little word of caution - this takes forever to dry!  We let ours dry for 4 days and they were still sticky.  

While we were making our pumpkins one of the boys said he wished he had a blue pumpkin, because blue was his favorite color.  Hmmm . . . . change of lesson plan!  The next day we made our very own "Personalized Pumpkins"!  Some were fat and pink

Some were tall and pink 
Some were all about our favorite football teams -
The Florida 'Gators!

War Eagle for Auburn University

Others were a combination of things we liked -

All in all we decided our pumpkins were perfect!

I found this little poem about a squirrel and really like it.
We just needed the "perfect" little squirrel to go with it.  AHHHHH! . . . found it!  First we added cotton balls to his tail.  Next, the fun part!  We used old squirt bottles to turn him gray!

I knew those old bottles would come in handy!  After we sprayed him we wiped his body with a paper towel.  What a wonderful piece of fall art!

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