Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Winter Fun

As hard as it is to believe - we had 2 days off this week due to SNOW! Yes, real snow and ice. It is crazy, fun, but crazy. When it snows in Alabama no one gets on the roads, we just don't know how to drive in that stuff. So while we were out of school I was busy collecting and making things to go into our classroom. Needless to say my poor husband was very glad to see me and my junk leave this morning :)

As expected our classroom was buzzing today as some of my students braved the cold and came back to school. My southern style snowman took a strange twist today as he wore the colors of the BCS Champions, the Auburn Tigers. He wears #19 in honor of a dear friend and Auburn player, Neil Caudle. The class of course loved him even more.

We also played our new mitten match game. I had no idea the class would enjoy this so much! By the end of the day everyone ended up playing "Go Fish" with them. FUN, FUN, game!

Our snowman file folder game was a big hit too. Again, a simple game, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. I also made a few puzzles out of old cereal and rice boxes. Here is our "Minute" puzzle (that's what the class called it when I read the title to them).

I have a letter going home to our parents tomorrow that will ask them to save us their cereal boxes. The best part is, if a piece is lost, no one cares!

The biggest hit of the day came when I pulled the new "shape" dice I made during our snow days. Everyone loved running around the room trying to find their shape.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will take some pictures of our wonderful penguin and snowmen. It was a cold but great day!

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