Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ice Painting

What a great day we had Friday at school! We were finishing our unit on winter and of course we HAD to finish with a BANG! First we started off our day by making our wonderful snowflakes! Aren't they beautiful?!?!?! We started off with big old ugly craft sticks and transformed them into an

amazing work of art. The students painted them with "Mrs. Karen's Magical Paint" (okay, Elmer's Glue and white paint) and sprinkled on (okay, threw on) Epsom salt. As soon as we get back to school on Tuesday we will take them outside and spray them with a clear varnish spray. The children love to tell me bad the spray smells but the results are amazing. The snowflake will literally sparkle and shine.

We also headed to the kitchen to make another version of snowman cookies. These were made with little white donut holes! (Sorry for the bad picture but we were in a big hurry to eat these.) The eyes were little chocolate chips and the nose was candy corn which was left over from Halloween.

Since we were already in the kitchen, we covered our table with a couple of sheets of butcher paper and painted with ice! On Thursday we had mix our regular paint with a little water, then stuck in some coordinating colored craft sticks and stuck them in the freezer. On Friday we pulled out our paint-cicles and got to work!

It was a huge hit and everyone loved it! To try and make it a little more "educational" we started playing some games. I would call out a shape and everyone would try and make that shape! Then I started calling out colors and if you had that color you got to do a quick "ice dance" and start painting! What fun!
At the end of each year our school holds it's annual "Art Show". It is a wonderful way to highlight various art work from throughout the year. Our project for January was a snowman of course. He was made with our palm and finger prints. Don't you just love them?

Oh, one more little item from this week, our collage penguin! He is made by using contact paper in the middle. Then I had a huge pile of white objects for everyone to choose from. So cute and everyone had a great time picking our their white items to put in the middle! My favorite part of this activity was the huge discussion it started. It seems some of my students didn't think a dried butter bean was white but others did. I loved hearing them debate this issue! Quite exciting!
Thanks for stopping by and checking on us! I hope you will come again!


  1. Love the snowflake with the epsom salt. I really like any craft that adds texture to it! Kerri

  2. THanks for the fun ideas... :)