Sunday, April 27, 2014

Under the Sea

WOW, I am STILL trying to catch my breath after our last week!  We had so much fun talking about the amazing under the sea world.  Each day we went into great detail discussing a particular creature that lives in the water.  On Monday we started by talking about "fish",  just fish.  Pretty soon the movie "Finding Nemo" was brought up and we quickly talked about the clown fish.  One of our teachers has a large collection of sea shells and other sea objects.  She was happy to share with us and we loved it all, especially the shark teeth!

Our art project this week got out of hand - literally!  We started by painting our water.  Everyone had a choice to either use paint brushes or their hands.  Mrs. Christi's class opted for their hands, mine the brushes - oh well! 
Once the water was dried each child cut and added sea weed.  We also added some very cute hand print sea creatures.
But, we were STILL not done.  Next came my favorite part - a scuba diver!  And not just any scuba diver, a personalized diver.  That's right, we added our own picture and turned ourselves into underwater divers!

This project took several days and was very time consuming. But I honestly think it was worth it, don't you????
We spent an entire day talking about jellyfish!  Did you know that a jellyfish does not have a brain?  It doesn't and it made us giggle!  Lucky for us, we have wonderful people who donate things to our school and someone has sent us a some leftover fabric.  We put it to good use this week by making a jellyfish.

I don't think anyone could be afraid of this jellyfish!
We also had two big bottles of jellyfish in our room this week.

I made them with plastic bottles.  You can get the instructions here .  My class really enjoyed them.  (Just a little word of advice, be sure to either glue the cap on or do what I did and use tape.)

One day was spent talking about our friend the octopus.  We counted his/her eight legs and read about their feeding habits.  We even made our very own octopus to take home.  It was made with an empty paper towel roll.  
CONFESSION TIME!!!  I made this octopus! 
I have never posted a picture of something I did. 
I always post pictures of the children's work,
but I forgot to take a picture of the octopus before sending them home. 
Now you know that you cannot spend a week talking about things that live in the sea without talking about sharks.  Okay here it is, the theme to JAWS!  Sorry, I just had to do that.  After much discussion about sharks we quickly came to the conclusion that . . . . WE LOVE SHARKS!  Here is the shark we made.

The children cut a small paper plate for his/her teeth.
Our Fabulous Fun Friday came too quickly and we headed to our kitchen for science fun and cooking!  We spent a great deal of time playing "Sink or Float?".  Everyone grabbed objects from our room to see if they would sink or float.  There was only one rule - NO BOOKS!  It was a lot of fun! 

Next, we had some fun with Skittles.  Everyone got a clear plastic cup and two different colored Skittles.  We patiently waited (and we did not have to wait long) and watched.

We quickly found out that if you DO NOT touch the cup, the colors will not mix!  OHHHHHH!  FUN!  Then, the coolest thing in the entire world happened . . . .

Can you see it??
The little "S" on the Skittles floated to the top!

Of course no week would be complete without a little cooking fun.  This week we made "ocean cookies".  

If you are wondering what the red Skittle is doing in an ocean, you aren't alone.
We just wanted to eat a Skittle, so we called it a clam!
Now do you see why I am tired????  We had a great week and I am resting up to do it all over again on Monday.  I hope you stop back by to see what we are doing!


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    1. HI Katy! Thank you for the kind comment. I am sorry that do not know any preschool programs around the Cape Coral area. If I hear of anything I will forward it to you!

  3. I love the octopus, it is so simple, yet so creative! Who knew that toilet tubes could be so useful!

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  8. These are such adorable ideas! I love how you have all those shells and other things from the sea that kids can touch and feel. So much of learning is experiencing, with all the senses. What a great way to get kids excited about learning!

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  22. I did a theme unit of under the sea and talked about sea animals with my preschool students. We too spent an entire day on jellyfish. My jellyfish in the big bottle did not turn out as good as yours did. I followed the directions word for word. I'm not quite sure what happened. It looks like your kiddos had loads of fun!!

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