Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Happy Easter!

I'm sorry to be so far behind in my posting but my husband and I decided to do a "little" remodeling during spring  break and well . . . things have gotten out of hand.  hahahaha!  I am skipping ahead to Easter so I can share our WONDERFUL week with you.  We started on Monday by making simple handprint craft.
I saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and knew we had to make it.  Here is the original post Prayer Glow. I wanted to let my class do most of the work so I made a few changes.  While our handprints were drying, we cut paper for the grass.  We added some colorful punched flowers and WOW!  GORGEOUS!  (Note:  I added the draping to cross with purple glitter glue.)  This was truly a hit with our parents.

Since I knew we would not be in school on Friday, we did our science experiment on Monday.  We dropped a raw egg in vinegar and left it overnight.
If you have never done this experiment I beg you to try it.  I won't ruin it by telling you the results, but it is AMAZING!

On Tuesday we decided to have a little fun with tissue paper and Easter eggs!  I gave each child an outline of an Easter egg and a cross laid out on a piece of contact paper.  We carefully picked out our favorite colors of tissue paper and put them in the center of the Easter egg.

Then we covered it with another piece of contact paper and squished it down!

The results were stunning!  Everyone could hardly wait to take them home and put them in their window.

I introduced a new game to my classroom this week too.  Part of the reason for our big remodeling project came about because my sweet husband bought a new toy.

He loves and I loved the fact that he is very happy AND this big TV came in a BIG box!  You know what that means . . . free entertainment for my classroom!  Check out our newest game.
This literally cost NOTHING!  I used hot glue and some various shaped lids to make a maze.  We have different shaped objects (golf balls, Styrofoam balls, Easter eggs, etc)  to try and get through the maze.  It was amazing to watch the different styles of each student as they worked the objects around each lid.

We were out of school for Good Friday and our BIG spring concert was held on Thursday so that meant Wednesday was our SUPER FUN DAY!  I used the rest of the TV box to do a LARGE class project.  I quickly drew a simple sketch of the three crosses on a mountain and let my class have fun!
We divided up into two groups.  One group started out cutting/tearing all different types and color of paper.  (We used tissue paper, construction paper, and scrapbook paper.)   Once they got a good pile, the second group got it and started gluing!   I kept reminding them that we were working as a "team" and since I have several new t-ball players in my class, they loved it!  The final results were, hmmmm . . . well you decide -
And if you start to wonder how much of it I DID . . . I'll go ahead and tell you . . . I just drew it, they did the rest themselves!  This is being saved for our Art Show.  

Again, I'm sorry to be so late with my post.  The "real world" has gotten in the way.  Hopefully, I will be caught up soon!  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi, I am an Art teacher in a small Catholic school and appreciate the regilious art work. Sharing talents is so awesome. Thanks, Shari