Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ocean/Sea Unit

(I'M STILL BEHIND!!!  AHHHHH!  I guess this will be my battle cry until the end of school and I am so sorry.  Little did I know that remodeling a few rooms would be so stressful and time consuming!  But then again, it could just be me!  OKAY, enough excuses, let's talk about our week.)

What an amazing week we have had!  We just completed our unit on "Ocean/Sea"!  We have spent the entire week "barking" like seals, "blowing" like whales and dolphins and "putting a fish bubble" in our mouths while we  walk down the hall.  Let me show you some of our fun . . . .

We started on Monday with one of my all-time favorite activities - finger paint!  I've had several classes over the years that just flat would not finger paint!  Lucky for me, this year's group is all in!  We mix blue, green and white all together to make . . . .

an ocean!  The next day we cut some seaweed.

and made a few hand prints for our sea creatures.  On Thursday,we glued everything on, we added some tan paint for the sand.  I like to find different and sometimes unusual objects for my students to paint with.  To paint our sand we used some old make-up brushes that a sweet neighbor of mine gave me.

The end results were amazing!
Sweet "H" ask me to take a picture of artwork!  
I guess they are getting use to my camera!

During the week a came across some alphabet stickers in our supply closet.  Everyone loves stickers and we have several fine-motor skill activities that are always a big hit.  Like this one - 
(I know SANTA STICKERS!).  Instead of tracing the circles (BORING!), I laminate the pages and we use stickers to make our circles or other shapes and numbers.  The stickers come right off with a little wipe of water.  Okay, back to the alphabet stickers I found!  I laid them out on the table one day after lunch 

and WOW . . . .

suddenly we are making words!  VERY COOL!

I found some large old copies of a fish stashed away in my cabinet and I thought we could do something  neat with them.  First we colored them using good 'ole Dot Markers.  Hmmm . . . I could see my class was looking at me and thinking, "really, this is it?".  I had to do something and quick!  I found some rubbing alcohol in my cabinet
 (WHAT?  You don't have rubbing alcohol in YOUR cabinet?

and the FUN began!  Everyone loved smelling it (YUCK!) and painting with it too!
The alcohol made the ink from the markers soften a bit.
The results were pretty cool!  Later in the week, I cut them out along with an extra piece of plain construction paper.  Next, we stapled the two pieces together and the children stuffed them with some old pillow batting that I found in our supply closet.  (Sorry, no picture of the final results, but trust me . . . CUTE!)

I found some activity cards over at Tiddler Approved and we have had so much fun this week in circle time as we acted out each of the sea creatures.  I hope you will check them out!

Our Fabulous Fun Friday was even more fun than usual this week because of an amazing gift I received.

Can you believe someone was going to THROW THIS AWAY????????  Good thing we rescued it!  Our class spent the entire day Friday painting the box.  The final project . . . .
The world's LARGEST aquarium!
All four sides of the box were paint with every shade of blue and green that you could imagine!  We added some seaweed (see the pieces floating?) and some little fish from the Ellison machine.  Someone asked me at the end of the day if I was going to throw it away.  REALLY!?!?!?!  NO, we are saving this masterpiece for our art show in a few weeks!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us.  I hope to catch up with our other activities very soon.  I hope you will check back soon!


  1. There are some fantastic ideas on here. I love the way that you are just letting the children explore the paint with their hands I bet they loved it! I to have alcohol gel in our cupboard great for dyeing pasta!

  2. Hi! Karen,
    You have such fantastic ideas!
    I love your blog!
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  3. love that you think on your feet.:)

  4. Great preschool craft ideas.

    The painting is well made. We did something like this but with hand painting instead. What a mess in the end but overall everyone had fun (except the parents and the teachers who stayed over to clean up).