Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter Window

I have this incredible urge to start singing, "walking in a winter wonderland", but I won't!  Remember, I only sing to preschoolers!  Anyway, we started back to school today and I must admit, it was the BEST first day back ever.  Everyone was so happy to be back at school, yes, even ME.  I wanted to do something extra special and WOW we did!  It is our "W" week and we are talking about WINTER, hmmm . . . . let's see . . . . oh, I know, a Wonderful Winter Window!   I found this lovely little object at a New Year's Eve party last weekend.  They were just going to be thrown in the garbage, so I rescued two of them.
As soon as everyone arrived I painted their hand brown for the tree.  
I didn't use a lot of paint (for ONCE) so that it would quickly dry.  Sure enough, by the time the last of the handprints were done, the first were dry.  Next, we needed snow!  Everyone cut out their own snowy ground.  

We used lots and lots of glue (of course!) and glued down the snow.  We discovered that the more glue you used, the bumpier the paper would be, and the more it looks like real snow.
Next came the fun part.  Remember that funny looking table decoration??? Well, we dipped it in white paint and started whacking our paper!  Everyone had their own technique, some were very gentle, while others really enjoyed whacking the paper! :0)
Instant snow!  

I mounted it on a large piece of black paper and added the window panes.

What a wonderful way to start talking about the letter "W" and Winter!  Everyone agreed, this is going to be a WONDERFUL WEEK!  


  1. OMG I LOVE this.. We did Winter as well this week. Will be adding this to my stuff for next year.

  2. I love all the ideas you share with us... As a Thank-you I have nominated you for an award!

    Alyssa @