Monday, September 12, 2011

The Letter "A" and All About Me

Wow, I can't believe it is Monday and I am just now posting from last week.  So sorry, but a migraine hit me on Saturday and I am just now starting to move.  Thankfully, I will be back at school tomorrow.

What an amazing week we had!  Monday was Labor Day so we didn't get started on our week until Tuesday.  We made up for our lost day VERY quickly!   Several years ago a made LARGE individual letters.  I glued on pictures of words that start with that letter.  It is so fun to hear the children screaming out the words each week.  Here is our "A" -
We are also talking about "Circles", the number "1" and the color "RED" this week.  Here are some of my posters that help us remember.
Again, each of these were laminated and have lasted for several years.  

Since this year's class is mostly boys (EIGHT!), I decided to make some roads for them.  They were an instant hit!  But, who wouldn't love driving your cars around this . . . 
By the end of the week our road looks a little rough, but no one seemed to mind.

Tuesday was a great day to bring out all of those bottle caps I have been saving.  Everyone got to make a wonderful piece of artwork using nothing more than red paint and bottle caps.
We call it "RED CIRCLES".

We took a little time Wednesday to talk about "ME!"  It was fun.  I always loved to tell my children some "special" about myself and then hear what makes them "special".  It seems one child in my class can fly like Superman.  While another child is really, really, really strong.  Good to know!  We also spent the day making little self-portraits.  Bear with me please, while I introduce my class . . . .

 This is Cooper and Will B.

Next we have Will S. on top and Reid in the Alabama football jersey. (I have no idea why this picture is turned this way!)

Next (another wacky picture, sorry) is Lucas and Cooper. 

Here are our girls!  Meet Ellie and Helen.

Last, but not least meet Winston (the Florida Gator fan) and Hunter. (AGAIN, sorry for the picture!)

Our "Fabulous Fun Friday" started out with some wonder "A"corn painting.  A large storm brought down a lot of leaves and acorns last week so we put them to good use.  We poured red paint onto the acorns and dumped them out onto a cut "A".  After a few minutes of rolling the acorns around we discovered that "A" is for AWESOME ACORN FUN!
Friday was also the perfect day to finish up our week of "All About Me".  We made a cute little self-portrait complete with our hand prints.  

"I am wonderfully made".  Psalms 139:4

Last week we begin talking in our science class about chemicals.  You know, how some things just don't like each.  Last week it was oil and water.  That was fun, but this week we really had fun!  As soon as we hit the kitchen we prepared our "Apple Tree" snack.  It was just plain delicious.  Since we talked about how oil and vinegar DON'T mix, we talked today about how icing and food coloring DO MIX!  Our fine motor skills really got a work out as we mixed the icing with green food coloring and spread it onto a half of graham cracker.

We added the bottom (another half of a half of graham cracker) and a few "Twizzlers".  Instant apple tree!
Yes, it tasted as good as it looked!

We finished up our day in the kitchen with everyone's favorite science experiment.  I call it "elephant toothpaste" but others just call it vinegar and baking soda with a dash of dish washing soap.  This was extra fun because we found out that some things mix well like the icing and food coloring BUT THEN when you mix other things like the vinegar and baking soda you get . . . . 


Oh, one more thing . . . have you ever seen and peanut butter and jelly and Oreo sandwich?  Look what one super creative parent did . . . .

Everyone in the class wanted to know if it tasted like an Oreo?  We had a great week.  I hope you will come back and visit us soon.  


  1. love the little people and that you painted with acorns - so fun!!!

    Would love to invite you over to my weekly child centered linky party - The Sunday Showcase to share your idea.

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  2. I just pinned the bottle cap painting as it is a super use of bottle caps. Love painting with different materials. I am a new follower from the Sunday Showcase. Vicky @

  3. What fantastic ideas for your students- great work. Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase!

  4. Thanks for sharing your article. More power to you. I also posted some worksheet of Pictures of Objects Starting with different letters. You can check it out at:

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