Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasures for My Classroom

It is official!  I've started moving all my wonderful "treasures" back into my classroom.  My husband can almost see the floor in our downstair's den.  It took me two days to unload and find room for all of my "treasures" at school, but I've done it!  Want to see what I have?  Let's sort it out . . .

First, there is my fabulous assortment of paint chips!
Aren't they wonderful!  We are going to use them in several games, cutting and sorting activities.  We will have so much fun with them.

I also got a little carried away with collecting bottle caps.
We will be sorting and learning with these as well.  I have an amazing reading game planned.  You will want to check back soon and see this!

Of course there are the obvious "treasures", such as cardboard tubes
 and cardboard boxes.  Please notice the Wii game box (my birthday present!).
But now, let me show you some of my greatest "treasures" . . . 
Plastic fishing worms!  Perfect for "W" week!
Feathers!!!  I even have a hawk feather!  Perfect for our study of not only birds but during "Q" week we can actually write with a QUILL!

But, I've saved the best until last . . . 
I found this in a field at our lake house!  I think it was used during a 4th of July celebration  to shot off rockets.  BUT LOOK AT IT!  It is a ROUND CYLINDER and it has a SQUARE base!  Can't you just see us dipping the square base in paint and smashing it onto some paper????  Oh, I'm getting chills!

I guess I better finish printing off some more notes to my parents, especially the one that says "WE GET MESSY!"  I hope you stop by again in a couple of days.  I hope to have pictures of my classroom up.  We start school on September 1st!!  YIPPPPEEEEE!


  1. Good luck with the new school year & good to know that the boot of my car isn't the only one full of 'goodies' for school. I dread to think what would happen if I had an accident & people looked in my boot!!

  2. I will be sorting my 'treasures' in the next week or so - I am hoping my hubby stays back so he doesn't throw my 'treasures' out! :)
    I love your stash!

  3. last week my car looked just like yours -- so many treasures. aren't bottle caps lovely ? i've collected quite a few myself this summer. can't wait to discover how they will be used. happy school year.

  4. Love it. Looks like the treasures that I save for my girls to use. Maybe I should take a pick and share my latest accumulation. I took a diaper box of similar items to my daughter's preschool last year.