Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New Year

I'm heading to school today!  I've been thinking, talking and typing about this all summer and the day is finally here!  It is just the beginning of our teacher workdays, but still you would think that I would be excited.  Not really.  And it isn't just because I will be sitting all day in a classroom listing to a CPR/First Aid trainer for the 10th time.  No, it is because one of my son's fellow police officers in Anniston, Alabama was shot while on duty yesterday. ( Anniston Star )  Even as I re-read the last sentence, it is almost impossible for me to believe.  (As I type he is still on life-support.)  How can this be?  How can one human being care so little about another that they shoot them?  I somehow try and justify a shooting in my mind when there is some sort of (sick) reason; a robbery, a fight, etc.  But to shoot a police officer who was just doing his job.  REALLY?  My mind cannot and will not come to terms with this tragedy.  So today, instead of being my usual happy, excited and bouncing off the wall self, I will say yet another prayer for Justin Sollohob, his family, friends and fellow officers and head out the door.  TELL and SHOW the people you love and care how you feel, you never know.

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