Monday, July 25, 2011

Recycling for School

It is official! ONE month from today I will be back in my classroom!!! I'm not sure who is more excited me or my sweet husband. It may actually be my Bill, because I will be taking all my wonderful "treasures" out of our downstairs den. It seems I can't resist saving things for school. Here is a sampling of the items I am currently saving and the reasons I give my husband for putting up with the mess . . . .

  • Bottle caps - I must have at least 100 different types of plastic bottle caps. We will use them for color matching games, counting games and crafts. I never expected my class to have fun with milk caps, but they do.

  • Sunday comics - I love to use the Sunday comics to lay out on our tables for art time. They are colorful and happy. I feel they represent our classroom.

  • Toy Store Newspaper advertisements - My class has always loved "reading the newspaper"! That's what they call it when they sit down and look through the toy ads. One little boy actually took it into the bathroom, "just like Dad"!

  • Paint Chips - I have a box of paint chips. We will use them not only for crafts but also for a very fun color game (details to come).

  • Cardboard Boxes - I have several small cardboard boxes that will be just perfect to store small games and game pieces in. A little leftover scrapbook paper and they look better than store-bought.

  • Feathers - It seems summer is the best time to find fun bird feathers. We have a hawk that lives in a tree near our house and he/she has lost several LARGE feathers in our yard. I am always finding duck and goose feathers at the lake. (I put the feather in a Ziploc bag and pop it in the freezer overnight, just in case there were tiny bugs on it.) We will use the feathers for art projects and during "Q" week we use them as quills!

  • Allergy Syringes - Now that sounds scary doesn't it??? I have a severe allergy and must take weekly allergy shots. I pull out the needle and wash them out. We use the syringes to squirt paint for art projects. REALLY FUN!

  • Cardboard Tubes - LOVE THESE! I keep all types of cardboard tubes. There are tons of great art projects that can be done with paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Also, it has been wedding season around here so I even have the large wrapping paper tubes. These are so fun during "T" week. We make giant tube and tape towers.

  • Old Markers - I went through all my scrapbooking supplies and found some old dried up markers. When I dipped them in water they suddenly had a little life let in them. I think they will be wonderful for a special impromptu art time.

  • Scrapbook Paper - Speaking of scrapbooking, I found all sizes and types of scrapbook paper from left over projects. Most of it is small pieces but they will be wonderful when it comes to making a color collage or other art projects.

  • Styrofoam and Plastic Containers - My husband and I don't eat that often but luckily my Mom and neighbors do! Those take-out containers may not be good for the environment but they are great for pre-school. You can use them to hold glue or mix up paint in. If you are lucky enough to have the lids, you can store paint or other items in them. No need to wash them out - throw them away when you are done. Saves money and time!!

  • Old 3-Ring Binders - They are a little rough around the edges but they will be perfect to use at school. I will add some writing paper in them and my class will have a wonderful addition to our writing center.

  • Diapers - I know I have no need for baby diapers and/or Pullups! BUT, I received them free in the mail. I am a huge fan of "free" stuff off the internet and I will sign up for just about anything. Diapers and Pull-ups were free so they will be making the journey to school with me. Someone will need them I am sure.

So, here is a sampling of what I am saving. What are you saving???


  1. Cardboard tubes, water bottles, bottle caps, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes - the list goes on!

    Don't forget about egg-cartons! 50 Ways to Get Your CartOn: Recycle & Create Milk and Egg Carton Crafts That Rock by Ellen Warwick and Stephan Britt is a great book! :o)

    Ashley Kate

    "Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible." - Loris Malaguzzi

  2. I love to collect all of this stuff because you can use so many of these in your projects. I great way to save money!!

  3. Hi there Mrs. Karen! I just found your blog and I'm excited to read your posts!! I'm addicted to saving all that fun stuff, too. :)

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