Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 Things To Know About Me

I found the most fun activity over at Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens Everyone is invited to list ten things about themselves. I thought it would be fun to join. Here is my 10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT ME . . . .

  • I am a closet artist. I love to paint and I am determined to one day have a piece of my art work on my walls.

  • I'm not very good with the computer. My husband is always having to help me with my blog and other computer emergencies.

  • My escape is the lake. I enjoy our little lake house more than any other place on earth.

  • I cannot swim, not one stroke. I sink.

  • My hair is naturally curly. Not really a pretty curl, just a kinky mess.

  • I cannot sing. The most awful noise comes out of my mouth when I try. But, I do keep trying.

  • I have at least 100 home improvement projects ready to do in my head.

  • I could live without chocolate.

  • I could not live with potato chips.

  • I love teaching preschool. I think it is the most wonderful job in the world. But, I guess you probably already knew that about me.

Thanks for looking! I hope you come back and visit!

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