Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Z" Week and FUN!

Oh no, it is the dreaded letter "Z" week! That means "the end of school" is almost here (visualize me with a very SAD face here)! I like to end the year with a huge BANG so hold on to your hats . . . here comes our "Z" week.

I had to be out on Monday of "Z" week because my Mom and I attended my niece's college graduation way down in Auburn. It was well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive! So I left a little fun for the substitute. They started out with a very simple watercolored "Z" My class has always enjoyed painting with water colors so I thought one last hurray! Next they moved to the clay, lots and lots of "Z's" were created with the clay. Best part, it is the end of the year - take your clay HOME!

I was back with them on Tuesday and I was ready to go! We did an amazing black and white collage to honor our letter "Z". I love them all!

Do you see the "Z"eros? I like mixing the paint with the glue to make a 3-D effect.

Wednesday was our "Z"ero the Hero day. Wish I could show you a picture, I'm just not sure where they are :(

Thursday ended up being BUSY! We continued talking about "Z" and putting the finishing touches up on our "Brown Bear Book" (more about that later) so our art project was simple. FUN, but simple. Anything and I do mean anything I could find that was round was dipped into white paint and we made "Z"ero art. I knew there was a reason I kept all those laundry detergent caps. Since they were white on black paper everyone kept calling them our "Z"ebra "Z"eros! SUPER fun!

We also decided to make a "Z"ebra puppet. To be honest, I thought it was boring but after it was all done everyone loved them. We even had a "Z"ebra parade!

Friday was the day we had all waited for! I had teased everyone all week about the fun we were going to have. And boy did we have fun! First, we were not allowed to "walk" down the hall, we had to "Z"ig "Z"ag. Our art project was amazing. I know I use that word a lot but seriously it was amazing! I saw this post from Teacher Tom ( ) and knew we just had to do it. To say the children LOVED it is an understatement. Well, there are no words, just look for yourself -
Some got a little carried away pouring the glue, but who cares? Certainly not me! These will take days to dry so we left them in our storage room for the weekend. I can hardly wait until Monday!

As always on Friday we headed to the kitchen for a science experiment. Hmmm . . . last FABULOUS FUN FRIDAY, this had better be good! IT WAS! We made our very own "Superballs". Here is the recipe and here is our version

And yes, they really bounce!

Were we done? NO! Next we made our own homemade ice cream. We used the following recipe for each child.

1/2 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon sugar

We put the children in groups of 3, tripled the recipe and put the ingredients into a large ziplock freezer bag. CLOSE IT TIGHTLY! We put the baggie into a large round plastic container (ours were large plastic pretzel containers) with crushed ice and rock salt. Next we rolled, and rolled, and rolled. We actually rolled for about 15 minutes, just because it was fun!

There was one accident (I think I didn't have the top screwed on tight enough) but no one minded, it just was fun to pick up the ice!

The ice cream was so good! Super way to celebrate our last Fabulous Fun Friday!

It was a busy week and to be honest I expect next week, our final week, to be even more busy. I hope you stop by and see how we ended our year!


  1. Their are not enough words to express how thankful and appreciative we all are to have been blessed with such an awesome and cool Teacher!! Kathy and I have had many true Blessings, and You are rite their at the top!! Anyone can teach our children, but thank You for Loving them!!!

    Larry & Kathy Langston

  2. Thanks Larry! It is parents like you that make my job easy! I am going to miss my Con-man!

  3. What a fun unit! Making ice cream looks like a lot of fun!