Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Y" Week and Mother's Day

Opps, I did it again! (AHHHH! Do I should like Britney Spears?) I'm not sure why the end of the school year/Mother's Day/Art Show week always seems to sneak up on me, but once again it did. To say the week of May 2nd was busy is like saying preschool children have a lot of energy! First we were finishing up our wonderful Mother's Day surprises. For my children's special gift we dress them up in old clothes and take their pictures. I always turn the pictures into sepia tone and well you just look at the one of the pictures and tell me if there is another word besides adorable to use . . . .

Too cute! But of course the children have to make them their own so we got busy!Everyone painted their frame their Mom's favorite color. Next we added finger print flowers. PERFECTLY done! I forgot to take pictures of the final product, so I just cropped this from another picture OOOOOOPPPS!

Now everyone knows that you have to give your Mom some flowers for Mother's Day, right? But I'm not a big fan of cut flowers, they just die, so we made our own. These can be kept for years and years.

I think the reason I like these SO much is that they were made from scraps of paper and recycled mailing tubes that I retrieved from the garbage last summer. We even used some shredded paper (not sure you can see it) for dirt. I wish I had one of these of my son's hand. Hmmm . . . do you think I could talk a 24 year old police officer into making one of these?????

We didn't forget our letter of the week. "Y" is a difficult letter to learn. Not a lot of fun "Y" words but I tried. We take all different color yard and wrap it around a "Y" cut from poster board scraps. For some reason the children adore this. They sit longer than I ever expect and wind the yarn, round and round. Fine motor skills; I like it! Here is our "Yarn Y" - Of course we spent the entire week "Y"awning and using the color "Y"ellow as much as possible. We also put a "Y"awn in our mouth as we traveled down the hall. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Our Fabulous Fun Friday came way to soon this week. We wanted to make one more little surprise for our Moms. Luckily for me, my dear friend, Myra, told me about making a flower from styrofoam cups! OOOOOOHHHH yes, a science experiment AND a Mother's Day gift all in one - PERFECT! We started with a styrofoam cup and colored it with markers and crayons (just a note, the crayons did much better). Next, the chidren cut the sides of the cup.Finally, into the oven.We had our oven set for 350 degrees. Watch them VERY carefully because it only takes about a minute. Add a craft stick , some leaves and the final results are amazing -


I hope you will come back and check on us as we finish up our school year and talk about the letter "Z"!

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