Saturday, April 30, 2011

"W" Week and Easter

I'm late once again! Since we were out of school for the Good Friday, Bill and I headed to the lake for a little R&R (not really, we worked the entire time). We had a wonderful visit from our son, his girlfriend and their dogs, so the weekend was perfect.

School was great all week. It seems everyone was busy talking about our big Easter party so it was a little difficult to keep our focus, but I tried. We started Monday by making the most amazing "Stained Glass Easter Egg". It turned out so nice. It is one of those projects that the children (and I) get instant gratification. Something we all need from time to time. We started with a piece of contact paper. We laid our hollowed out egg on top. Next we added our cross and little pieces of left over tissue paper.

We finished by carefully laying another piece of contact paper on the top.

Then we rubbed. We probably over did the rubbing process, but it was FUN! I carefully cut away the extra contact paper. The final results . . . . .

Everyone couldn't wait to hold them up to the light.

Tuesday is always a fun day. We are busy, busy, busy! Today was no exception. I try very hard to emphasize to the children the true meaning of the holidays. I don't want them to think that Easter is all about candy and eggs. So on Tuesday we worked very hard on a beautiful and very meaningful Easter Cross.

Each of the colored squares has the meaning of the color written on it. The Easter lily is made from our handprint. The parents loved it.

I guess most people can tell by what I write that I AM NOT A FAN OF WORKSHEETS! They bore me, so I am guessing they will bore most children. Besides, anyone can color at home, school should be a place where you do "other" things, right???? Well, that is what I think anyway. So instead of copying all those coloring sheets (yawn), I laminate one or two of them a week and we use some donate "white board" markers to practice our writing skills. This week I made us a wonderful Easter egg to change things up a bit. EVERYONE loved it.
When we get finished we just erase it!

Here are our name sheets. Everyone loves practicing writing their names! Yes, this child is only FOUR!

A little side note: These will eventually get nasty looking. When they do, just wipe them off with a Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes or something similar and let them dry. They will look like new.

Wednesday is often referred to as "Wild Wednesday" or "Wacky Wednesday" and this week was NO exception. We had fun. I changed things around in our room and waited to see if the children noticed them. It tooks a while, but finally I heard, "LOOK Mrs. Karen, the pictures on the cabinet are turned upside down!" After that everyone started looking for things that were "wacky". We also made the cutest little wagon with Easter eggs in it of course!Thursday came too quickly this week. It was our big party day and I knew things were going to get crazy. I decided that we needed something very meaning and calming to work on today. We made an Easter bracelet. We used pipe cleaners and colored beads. Each bead represented the colors that were used in cross. They were beautiful, but not calming. It was party day, I tried! ;) We also worked quickly on our letter "W". We hung out the wash! Super cute, super fun!

Our Easter party was a huge success. Instead of "hunting" for Easter eggs we do an Easter Egg Swap. It is just like our Valentine Swap and everyone goes home happy!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Our next week will be all about the great outdoors and the wonderful letter "X". I hope you will come back and visit us!

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  1. I love the stained glass eggs. We are doing something very similar, but sticking with the "w" theme- watermelons! I have red and green tissue paper and then a line drawing of the watermelon shape taped to the desk- they fill in (with the contact paper on top) and then we cover with the other piece of contact paper- make sense? Thanks for the inspiration