Monday, April 4, 2011

"T" Week and Ocean

Yes, this is actually me and I am wearing a tiara, a tutu and a tangerine shirt while trying to twirl a baton. Goodness gracious, is there anything I won't do to get a child's attention????? Obviously not! ;0) Keep reading and you will find out why I am wearing this lovely outfit!

Well, you've probably guess by now that we had "T" week and it was terrific. The only bad part of the week was when my camera died. I had no idea how much I used it until I didn't have it. So a big "thank you" to our director, Cynthia, for taking all these pictures. I enjoyed this week because there was just so much to talk about. We started on Monday and made the cutest shark. He turned out so cute. We cut triangles out of a circle for his teeth. I just loved him.

I especially loved how the children recognized all the triangles we used in this project and then they started screaming "triangles start with T!" Ahhhhhh. . . success!

We also painted a silly looking fish this week. We used our regular paint and watered them down a bit. After they dried we stuffed them with some old polyester batting that one of our Mom's donated. I love the look, especially those big 'ole eyes! One of the girls in our class said they looked like a pillow. Hmmm . . . I guess they did.

Our Thursday was filled with FUN! We had a guest speaker, Ms Diane McKinnon, a Marine Biologist, come and talk to us about fish and all the other interesting creatures that live in the Mobile Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

I was really proud of our classes. But I guess it is easy to listen when you get to see wonderful pictures of fish, crabs and even sharks!

Our Fabulous Fun Friday was so much fun! We started off making our very own fish aquariums our of old 2-liter Pepsi bottles. (Sorry, no pictures). We used our hand print for the fish, added some seaweed that the children cut out of green construction paper and then dropped in real shells. We held the whole thing together with blue tissue paper stuffed inside to look like water. SUPER CUTE and I'm trying to see if one of my Moms will take a picture for me.

We also made an apple tree cookie out of graham crackers (for the trunk) and vanilla wafers (for the leaves) which had green icing spread on top. YUMMY! But to top it all off we added red M&M's for the apples!

We headed back to our classroom to work off some of the sugar and I dumped a HUGE supply of wrapping paper tubes, paper towel tubes AND of course toilet paper tubes, right in the middle of the floor. I then pulled off big long strips of masking tape and told everyone to "have fun!" Boy, did they ever have fun. We had all kind of towers and even a trumpet! Super fun and believe it or not, no one fussed or complained. WOW!
Now comes the reason I am in that lovely outfit. You see, my sweet friend, Mrs. Tiffany, came to school (she's the cutie in the other tangerine shirt with the "T" on it) and twirled her baton for us. She was originally in the tutu, the tiara, the tangerine shirt, and the tube socks then she shared them wish me. I don't get many opportunities to wear a tiara and a tutu so I took full advantage of the situation and literally wore it the rest of the day. Oh my, next it the letter "U" hmmmm . . . I wonder where my son's old "u"niforms are????????


  1. Girl! You are just too dang on cute! And here I thought I was the only preschool teacher that loved to dress up! Oh and the tape and paper towel rolls get two thumbs up!

  2. Karen Thanks for posting your link on the fan page! I see I am in good company with Deborah and Myra here as well! :)
    You are my kind of Teacher too! We all think alike! I always felt like Ms Frizzle when I taught because I was an "Extreme" Preschool Teacher like You! hahaha Making Learning Fun Is the Only Way to Teach!
    For "U" week you need to find one of those cute kiddy Unicorn costumes that you wear, with the legs and all! Like this:
    How fun will that be! You are a Lucky Lady Karen and those kiddo's are Extra lucky to have You as their Teacher!

  3. I think the tiara and tutu show what kind of a fun-loving teacher you are! Wonderful :-) And my favourite thing about your busy week are the cardboard tube sculptures! truly playful, child-centred learning at its best! Thanks for linking up to It's Playtime!

  4. LOL so fun - thanks for sharing your link!