Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Q" and Farm Week

Oh what fun we had this week! I must admit that I worried about letting my class down after our wonderful "P" week, but I think they were surprised. This week was all about the letter "Q" and the "Farm". See my newest picture for "Q". It is my favorite "Q"uarterback, Auburn University's Neil Caudle! THANKS NEIL! We were pretty busy all week but we managed to squeeze in a wonderful "Dr. Seuss Day" on Wednesday. Our week started off by heading to the kitchen. One of our former teachers had left all kind of junk items behind when she parted and I inherited them. LUCKY ME hahahah, or so I thought until I realized some of her junk was pretty neat. One thing she left was a package of little capsules from the Dollar Store. There were like 18 in a package. You put them in water and when the capsule melts you are left with a surprise. Inside our capsules were farm animals (okay, we knew this because the package told us)! The look on the children's faces were priceless! They were so excited! Everyone was screaming and giggling. GREAT little science activity at no cost.

We also spent the day Monday making a wonderful little duck, no photo :( because we all couldn't wait to get them home :) We also spent the entire "quacking"! Yes, I said QUACKING, a lot of noise but OH SO MUCH FUN and a great way to learn the "Q" sound.

Our Tuesday was spent working on a lovely little cow (yes, we MOOed while we worked). Tuesday was also a fun day because we got out of scissors and did some "Super Fun Scissor Work" (again, yes, that is what we actually call it). Everyone cut their own spots for our cows. Some cut just a few, while other just kept on cutting. (please note the "hairbow" that my sweet little "A" just had to make for her cow - VERY creative!) Either way, they were MOOOOOvarleous!

Wednesday of course was good 'ole Dr. Seuss Day! See post below for all our fun.
Thursday was a fun pig day. We had the best time talking about the different sizes of the circles we used for our pigs. And yes, just in case you were wondering, we DID oink all day!
A special thank you to my co-worker/Emily's Mom, Amanda for taking a picture of Emily's pig. Everyone was so excited to show their pigs to their families that I didn't get a picture before we left.
Friday is one of my favorite days. We head to the kitchen to whip up a fun and not always nutritional snack. This week was definitely fun! WE ATE A PIG! I know the pigs should have been round, but WOW this was a really big cookie, so we cut in half. This is my favorite cookieI never tell them where to put items, I only tell them what the items are. For instance, on this project I said, "here are the pig's eyes". Gotta love 'em!

We also made the cutest little sheep on Friday. I really love this one -
"R" said, "it's a Mommy sheep, she has on lipstick"!

A quick note - this week a couple of our art projects got out the door before I actually had time to photograph them. I was rather sad when I realized it but then I thought, this is what happens when our day is too fun and our time is too short!

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