Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New Student

I have survived yet another week after spring break! I'm just kidding, it was really great! The children came back this year ready to go. We even added another student to our class and it seem to make things even more happy. I always worry about "the day after" a big holiday and then to have a new student on top of that, well . . . . let's just say I didn't get much sleep last Sunday night. I did find it funny that my newest student started school with the usual tears and sad face. Okay, that part really wasn't funny but what happened next was! My newest student "S" was standing there "trying" to cry and be unhappy when all of a sudden "A" walked right over to her and said, "You've got to stop that, this place is fun!" and just walked right off. Of course "S" still stood there and looked sad and then "A" waltzed right back to her and said, "Really, you need to stop that, you are gonna have a lot of fun here. Now stop crying!" I wanted to run to "S's" rescue but I stopped and waited to see what would happen next. In what seemed like a 1/2 of a second the sad face disappeared and a very small smile appeared. She walked over to "A" and the other girls and said, "Can I play?" "A" quickly answered, "SURE!" and they walked hand in hand to the kitchen area where "A" said "Do you want the doll that looks like me or the doll that looks like you?", meaning of course the color of the dolls. "S" said, "I like the one that looks like you". "A" said, "We are gonna be good friends!". WHAT AN AMAZING THING TO WITNESS! I suddenly remembered why I love my job!


  1. How sweet! And aren't you happy you took the opportunity to step back and allow that to happen. :) Sometimes that is so hard.

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