Sunday, April 11, 2010

"S" Week

My class voted and "S" week has been the most fun week yet. Okay, to be honest they say that about every week :) I did pull out all the fun stuff this week. We got to slide or skip down the hall all week. One day we actually slithered like snakes. That kinda got crazy but it was sssssssssssso fun.

Since I have 6 boys in my class I couldn't let "S" week go by without making some Silly Stick Snakes. On Monday we all picked out our sticks and painted them. I believe in giving my students a choice on things like this. I had a huge bag of sticks. Some where straight, long, fat, skinny, there was a big variety. I also let the students paint them in the color of their choice. I've never actually seen a blue or pink snake, but there were a lot of them in my class last week. We just used some scrap paper and two different paper punches for the eyes. I usually use red felt for the tongue but we were out so I have to use red scrap paper instead. Here are a few of our creations.

I had a crazy idea to do something with some straws but what? Then it hit me! We all went to the kitchen area and I grabbed 3 really large bowls. Lucky for me there were only 7 students there and it was all the good sharers. I filled the bowls half way with water and grabbed some dishwashing soap and gave each group a squirt. Here is where the fun started!!! Everyone started BLOWING! Oh my goodness! I have never seen so many bubbles and smiles in my entire life. The kitchen counter was filled with beautiful bubbles.

And as you know, if you have bubbles you mush POP them. So we started popping. What fun!

Since our alphabet lessons are winding down for the school year and we still have several more weeks of school left, I have decided to let my students vote for their favorite letter and we will "redo it". It should be interesting!

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  1. Those stick snakes are adorable! I can just imagine my kids rooting around the yard for the perfect stick!
    I always did 'B' for that 'S' works for it. too!