Friday, April 16, 2010


This week we have been studying the letter "T" and the great outdoors. I love this unit. We have a huge tent setup in our room, okay, it is really a king size sheet tacked to the wall but everyone loves it.
We also have made a few pretty cool bugs! I have a majority of boys in my room this year and my girls are too girlie, so we have a blast! Our first bug was a caterpillar made entirely with circles.
We picked out enough circles for a head and each letter of our name. Each students wrote their name, one letter on each circles and glued them all together to make a caterpillar. In the case of poor Mary Elizabeth, her caterpillar grew to great lengths. This is a huge hit with the parents!

Our next insect was made anatomically correct, three body parts, two eyes, two antennas, and six legs! But that is where the instructions stopped and the imagination begin. The cardboard egg cartons were painted any color the child wanted and then embellished with dots, stripes or in one case, flowers. The eyes on the insects like most of our eyes were made from 2 circle punches. It saves a great deal of money and the results are always fun.

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