Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Winter Olympic Day

Oh, what a day we had last Friday!  Since the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were to be televised Friday night, we held our very own "Preschool Olympics" at school!  Everyone walked in to find our classroom transformed into the . . . .

We had giant hula-hoops suspended from the ceiling (more on that later) and we referred to our classroom as "the Olympic Village" all day long.  We started the day by talking about the Olympic Torch and it's wonderful journey from Athens, Greece to Sochi, Russia.  Our art project of the day was to make our very own "Olympic Torch".   Everyone got busy cutting strips of red, yellow and orange scrap paper. 
Next, we put the strips into our "torch" (well, actually it is a party hat that we tore apart and staple back together.). 

We added a small paper plate around the top and . . . .

an "Olympic Torch"!  Everyone was so proud of their torches!

The rest of our day was spent playing wonderful Olympic games.  To be honest, I'm not sure "our" games are actually considered "sports", but they were fun!  First, we ran through the halls passing our "Olympic Torch" to one another.  Next, we played our version of "curling".  We threw bean bags onto an old hopscotch mat.  The object of our game was to tell everyone what number you landed on.  Ahhh . . . reviewing numbers!

Our next game was more like a maze.  We ran around cones and through the tunnel.
Remember those hoops . . . . 
well, we wrote numbers, shapes and colors onto old typing paper and wadded them up.  The children picked out a ball of paper.  After they "read" what was on it, they threw the paper through the hoops.
Our "Olympic" snack was so much fun!  Years (and years) ago my husband found a large container of cone shaped cups in his warehouse. 

This sweet man knows me all too well so he brought them home.  I've been using them for various project throughout the years and I thought they would make the perfect "torch".  We filled them with Cheetos and everyone agreed, they looked like our "Olympic Torch" and they were yummy!

I also found some leftover metals in our supply closet so everyone took home a gold metal.  It was a great "gold metal" day!
Thanks for visiting with us!  Next we will be talking about Valentine's Day, I hope you come back and see us.

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  1. Wow, you should totally be posting this on Pinterest. I know there are a lot of teachers who post on there to share ideas about how to decorate the class room, teach a specific lesson, etc. I think that you're stuff would really stand out there.