Monday, February 18, 2013

Fun with Lines

This past week we talked about the letter "L".  It is a fun letter!!!  Of course our class talked about love but we also leaped through the air any time we could AND we got to walk around and sing "lalalalalalala" all day long.   Oh, and who could forget those lovely lions we made.

If you look closely you may be able to see the mane of the lions.  The children cut it all by themselves!
But the highlight of our week came on our Fabulous Fun Friday!  Earlier in the week I saw this post from one of my FAVORITE blogs Teach Preschool.   I actually giggled with excitement because I knew my class would love doing some of these activities and they did!  Let me show you our fun with lines!   Our day instantly became exciting when the children saw all the lines Mrs. Christi and I had laid out on the floor in the hallway.

Everyone loved "walking the lines" back and forth down the hall.  Everyone had to wait until there name was called before having a turn.  This was a fun way to practice our listening skills and focus on following directions.  We hopped, wiggled and leaped our way up and down the hall.  Since the last few days had been wet, cold and rainy here in Central Alabama, this was also a great way to rid ourselves of some extra energy. 

We also drew lines with rulers.  Rulers are fun!  Mrs. Christi and I covered two of our tables with butcher paper and everyone had a great time drawing with them. 


I always find it fascinating seeing which children enjoy activities like this.  Some wanted to draw for only a few minutes and they became bored while others could have been there for hours!

Again, thanks so much to Deborah Stewart and her wonderful blog!  You inspire me!


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  3. Hi! I love your entire site. I have an almost 2 year old and was wondering at what age do you recommend starting the different weeks about letters and if you could provide any more ideas about how you structure your studies of the letters. (?) I am a stay at home mom after teaching elementary school and although I know what to do with older children, I didn't have as many ideas for how to organize learning for my little guy. Thanks for providing me with things I might be able to do with my son at home. ~sr

    1. I think beginning a 2 year old on his alphabet is an excellent idea, but I would first start with his shapes, colors and numbers AND make it fun! I had one Mom tell me that she and her son would "sit at the table for an hour each day to go over our letter of the week"! YIKES! I nearly fainted and it was all I could do not scream "WHY?". Playing is a child's job, so I make everything we do at school feel like play. When teaching a concept to a child, especially a young child, be repetitive. Make the entire week (or 2) about a concept, that's what I do. We spend an entire week talking about a theme and letter of the week. I also coordinate our letter of the week with our theme so the children can relate words with the them. To understand the sound a letter makes, we make that sound as we walk down the halls or clean up our room. During our "L" week we sang "lalalalala" all week! There are some amazing blogs (listed on the left side of my blog) that focus on younger children and I think you would like them too. Just remember, it has to be FUN!

      Thanks for kind comments and for visitng my blog and I hope you stop back by again.

    2. Mrs. Karen - thanks so much for resonding to my comment! I can tell that you are an amazing teacher and I wish I could enroll my child in your program! :) A good reminder about making it fun and after being a teacher myself for 9 years, I have found that I need to make sure I'm not setting myself up for burnout but just having fun and not expecting a lot at first...thanks for the reminder about being repetitive - I know it's true with all children, but especially I can see where it would be even more so with the younger ones.

      I am working on numbers - he can count up to 10 out loud, but the association - for example, pointing to objects and counting -at the same time isn't quite there yet. Circles are easy for him while the other shapes aren't coming quite as fast and colors...not going so well. :) We will keep working - I like your idea with the blank photo ablum. Thanks again and blessings to you and your class.