Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ring My Bell!

I love when I find something lights a "spark" with my class!  Last year while carefully dissecting the newest items at my local Dollar Store (a.k.a. a teacher's best friend!), I came across a little desk bell.

OK, this is NOT the actual bell!  
There are NO flowers laying around in my classroom :0)

It came in handy last year when the noise level got a bit too loud in our room.  Towards the end of the year, all I had to do was give it a tiny "ding" and my class would come to a sudden stop and look to see what was next.  But alias, that was last year and this year's class is not quite ready for that YET (we will be soon).   ANYWAY. . . . . the other day while we were all in "circle time" playing "The Color Game", one of our favorites, a child found our "color of the day" way to quickly so I said, "what shape is it?".  When he told me the shape I made my famous, or maybe I should have said infamous, "ding-ding-ding" sound and an idea was born!  I jumped up, grabbed the little bell and brought it to our circle.  Suddenly, the same 'ole circle time game had a new twist.  When the child found the color AND could tell us the shape of the object, they got to "ring the bell"!  Now, EVERYONE wants to participate and ring the bell!  Of course, I have the the old disco song, Ring My Bell stuck in my head!


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  2. I couldn't find where to comment on your "squishy leaf" craft. I was wanting to do this tomorrow with my preschoolers but I don't know if you used acrylic or tempra paint on the poster board. Please let me know which one you used. Thanks! I hope our turn out as good as yours!


  3. Hi Keri! We always use our washable tempra paints. After they dry, we run them through our laminator to help preserve them.

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