Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leap Day 2012

It just hit me as I was starting the post, this is my first "Leap Year" since I began blogging!  And, I think I dropped the ball a little on taking pictures of our "Leap Day" activities.  It is after all, almost impossible to hold a camera and teach pre-school at the same time.  Most of my pictures are taken while the children are doing their artwork (if my hands are clean!).  So please bear with me.

Leap year is very difficult to explain to a group of 3 and 4 year olds.  I found this amazing site  Leap Day for Kids and it went over very well.  BUT, to be honest, we mostly talked about frogs!  Yes, frogs leap and they are a lot more fun than talking about the number of days in a year!  So for the most part we leaped around the room, made frog noises and talked about what frogs ate (gross stuff because they eat flies!).

Our art project was fun.  We made frog hats!
I cut out the middle of the paper plate and folded it back.  Because we wanted to wear our frog hats home we used crayons and markers to color a paper plate.  Next we added the frog's eyes and legs.  I'll try to find a finish project to post.  He looks more like a turtle but we didn't care!  We popped him on our heads and leaped down the halls!

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