Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let me start my post by saying upfront that I am married to the most understanding man in the universe (and NO, I'm not saying this because he might read my blog).  I think every husband of a preschool teacher must be part saint.  My sweet Bill has not thrown away a bottle cap or empty toilet tissue/paper towel roll in years.  He has actually brought GIANT leaves home from family reunions just so I could take them to school.  During the summer months he patiently puts up with my "piles of treasures" that I am saving to take to school in September.  After all these years I do believe he looks at the world a little differently.  But, during the month of  February, I feel very sorry for him.  We aren't one of those "valentine" couples.  It is not that we don't love and adore each other, but come on, I don't need him to buy me candy (which I can't/shouldn't eat) or flowers (I'm not a cut flower girl, they just die) just because it is February 14th.  I feel sorry for him because even if we WERE "that" couple, how in the world could he compete with all we do at school?  Come on now, my class has been talking about Valentine's Day and making hearts and valentines for the last week like crazy.  I literally sat in the floor last week and cut out over 100 hearts in different shapes and colors!  And the gifts, OH MY!  Preschool teachers are truly the most loved people in the world. I am always showered with the sweetest gifts and notes on Valentine's Day.  I do believe that Valentine's Day is the best day to be a preschool teacher.  So, to my sweet Bill, I love you and I know you love me!  Happy Valentine's Day!