Saturday, February 26, 2011

P Week and Our Country

Because of our Monday holiday for President's Day we really had a lot to squeeze in this past week. We still had a lot of fun talking all week about the letter "P" and "Our Country". To be perfectly honest, "P" is one of my favorite letter. So fun! We spent the entire week making "puckering faces" and making the fun "P" sound (being careful mind you not to spit!). We started Tuesday by talking about good 'ole George Washington since it was the 22nd of February and that IS his birthday. There is nothing that gets a group of children to pay attention like bringing an axe to school. Okay, don't panic, it wasn't a real ax, it was made of paper and we pretended to chop down a tree! I really think the lesson of telling the truth sunk in. The children talked about it all day. Lots and lots of fun! We spent our day making the American Flag While Mrs. Nancy's class made good 'ole George Washington
I've never seen George look so good!

Wednesday was a fun day talking about the letter "P". I wanted an attention grabber for "P" so we made a "Pink Penguin with Purple Polka Dots Sitting on a Pink Piece of Paper" (try saying that 10 times really fast). Everyone walked around all day saying our fun "P" phrase, it got wild, but it also was fun!

Please note the adorable eyes on our projects. I splurged years ago and bought 2 different size punches from a local craft store. I love to watch the children attached the eyes to their projects. A good way to work on those fine motor skills and we save money not buying little goggle eyes too.
Thursday was all about Abraham Lincoln! What a guy! We loved talking about his big tall hat.

I guess you noticed that our log cabins weren't made out of the traditional craft sticks. I wanted to use them but we ran out. We made a little adjustment and use some left over strips of brown paper. I like the way it looks, don't you?

Friday was the day we had all wait on! Our grand finale to "P" Week, our annual "Pajama Party"!! What a great day. We all wore our pajamas to school, although several of the boys weren't too sure about it. We also ate pizza for lunch with pretzels and fruit punch. For desert we all enjoyed popsicles and then headed to the big music room for a pajama party complete with a movie AND popcorn! What a great day!

Now I face my annual problem . . . how to make "Q" and farm week fun after all of that?


  1. Oh my, what a great set of activities!! Really like the presidents! Great Ps!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. I just love how you made learning so fun while incorporating art!

  3. Would you please tell me the dimensions of your black paper, stripes and blue box for the flag craft? I just can't seem to get them right from looking at the picture. Thank you! Georgeann, Carrollton, TX

  4. If you could, please email me the dimension at --- thank you! Georgeann

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