Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color Box

I know that I should be doing some cleaning or something constructive here at home during my Christmas break but I just can't. Instead I am spending every waking second thinking of new things for school. To be honest though, there isn't much to do here at home since Bill and I are all alone. Well, not unless I want to start my much needed remodeling process, but that is another blog all together :).

Once again my poor brain went into overdrive when I saw this box.

The inside will make some wonderful snow (wait I'm getting a head of myself)!
Surely there was something that I could do with it! Then WHAM, I knew!!! My class and I play "the color game". That is when I say the first part of a silly rhyme, for example I say "Get out of bed and go find me something_____ " and they fill in the blank by screaming "RED". We have a great time with it but it never fails someone is in a grumpy mood and will say, "I don't want THAT color". Of course everyone else follows. NOT ANYMORE! We will now roll the color dice and you will decide your own fate. Here is our NEW color dice!

This was so simple and so cheap to make. I used left over pieces of old scrapbook paper and stickers. After I took all these pictures I wrapped it in wide packing tape for a little protection. It is now ready for it's debut in January 2011! Of course I am now on the lookout for more square boxes. I can see this same idea with other colors and one with our shapes too! For older classes you could write letters on the side and try to come up with words that begin with that sound! Oh, the possibilities!!!!!!!


  1. Great idea! I haven't thought of a color cube like this.

    Another option that I've used to make dice: boutique tissue boxes. Not as large as your box above but may be easier to locate.

  2. Thanks for the idea! It will be easy to pass on to my parents to do at home.

  3. The post office sells perfectly square cube boxes--not free, but pretty cheap and perfect size for this sort of thing.

  4. Scott, I never thought of the tissue box! Thanks so much!!!!!!! And Cathy, thanks for the idea about the post office! I need to check out their mailing boxes too.

  5. I love this! Thanks for linking up!