Saturday, November 6, 2010

"G" and Community Helper Week

Again, I am late in posting but my hubby and I headed to the lake for some fall clean-up and winter preparation. I've decided lake houses are fun for everyone except the owners. Anyway, back to school stuff - "G and Community Helper WEEK"!!! We really enjoyed ourselves this week. We started out by talking about our wonderful friends, the garbage men! I know, technically they are sanitation workers but hey, we are 3 and 4 years old so to us, they are garbage men. Monday was a day filled with garbage!!!!! After digging through all my neighbor's recycling bin, we made wonderful little "Garbage Guys" and "Garbage Girls". They were so much fun! We also ate "garbage"! Yep, that's right, we ate garbage. My fellow teacher, Mrs. Christi, and I dug through our snack closet and found all kind of fun left overs and threw them them into a clean garbage sack. All the children helped shake it up and then we distributed it into little brown sacks. Everyone loved eating garbage! Although it was funny to see the parents faces when the students got in the cars and said, "I ate garbage today"! After all the sugar, we headed to the hallway for some great garbage games. We played "Garbage Toss" and "Grab the Garbage". "Garbage Toss" is a simple as it sounds, just throwing a lot of balls of newspaper and "Grab the Garbage" was a fun relay game. A great day was had by all.

This week was so much for for many, many reason. One of which was the wonderful visitors we had come to see us. A nurse and a doctor came and talked about their jobs. We also played like we were doctors and nurses by putting bandages on our own hands. A great thing to do with the left over guaze from our CPR/First Aid classes.Friday was very special for me. A wonderful friend of mine came and talked to us about her job. She is an x-ray technician and I still can't believe how much the children loved her. She brought actual x-rays and skeleton puzzles.
We even had a special craft in her honor, a skeleton! I knew there had to be SOMETHING we could do with all those packing peanuts.

What a wonderful week! "H" Week is coming - I can't wait!

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