Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 School Year!

Our new year has officially begun! YEAH! Since we are a private school, our school year does not begin until Sepember 1st. It has been a great start, so far (she says crossing her fingers AND knocking on wood). I was really worried after "Meet the Teacher Day". I had 2 cries, no make that SCREAMERS and 2 that were latched on to their Moms. All I could think of was "I knew it!" I have had several years of wonderful students and to be honest, I have been wondering when I would get "that class". Turns out it won't be this year!!!! My screamers came in ready to have fun and the other 2 did just as good, as soon as I pried them off their Mom's legs. Seriously though, we are off to a good year.

Our first day was spent seeing all the fun new toys that were in my room. My sweet hubby decided to clean out our downstairs den during the last of August while I was setting up my classroom. He finally decided to let go of some "junk". But, you know how pre-school teachers are, someone else's junk is our treasure. And a treasure it is! Look at the great guitar we had stuck in a corner. Now it is a wonderful source of music in my class.

Other fun finds over the summer included new dress up clothes. It was fun seeing the students dressing up in my family's old cast-offs, especially the old Mardi-Gras beads and caps.

I also write a little note to my parents about making donations to my classroom. I never ask for anything that they need to buy, instead it is things that they would normally recycle. Our class always likes to use real food boxes in our kitchen. This year's parents have been great about sending them.

I just hope the rest of the year goes as smoothly as week 1!

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