Sunday, May 23, 2010

End of the School Year :(

For some strange reason, our school's last day was May 13th :( This is about 2 weeks earlier than the public schools and a week earlier then we usually are out. We also started a week later than usual too and I'm not exactly sure why did that either. Anyway, our last week was devoted to "things we really enjoyed doing this year". We actually voted on our 4 most fun days of school. They were (1) building a snowman (2) the picnic (3) pajama day and (4) Olympic games. Our last week became very interesting to say the least! On Monday, May 10th we once again made a "southern style" snowman, complete with some very strange hair!

Our May Snowman/girl!

He (or she, we weren't really sure) was a big hit. Well, the snowball fight was really the biggest hit and it burned up a lot of extra energy!

On Tuesday we headed outside for a picnic. This time we surprised the students by going to the "big grown-up" playground that they will be using next year. WOW, you have never seen children eat their lunches so fast! Everyone could not wait to get on the playground.

Wednesday was "Pajama Day Part II" and everyone had a fun time. Instead of having popcorn, we all enjoyed popsicles! A very strange thing happened in my classroom on wednesday. It seems one of the students had an idea to build a bonfire in our classroom. Hmmmmmm. . . it remind me of the old M*A*S*H episode where the members of the 4077 built the big bonfire to release some of their built-up frustrations. So a bonfire was built!

Here are a couple of the students "building" the fire!

The end of the year bonfire!

As you can see, everything was added to the bonfire, nothing was off limits!

Thursday, our last day was devoted entirely to fun games. My class really enjoyed our "Olympic Games Day" held during the Winter Olympics so we recreated them with a summer twist. We had all kinds of relay races, a basketball game and then we headed to the soccer field for a game. What a great way to end the year!

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